The Auto Industry is growing at a fast rate in Gujarat and neighbouring areas with very high local demand. A number of national and international auto manufacturers are moving/ starting new plants near Ahmedabad.

¢Hero – Halol – Capacity: 20,00,000 bikes/year*
¢Honda Motorbikes (Scouting for land near a port in Gujarat)***
¢General Motors – Halol –Capacity : 85,000 cars / year
¢Tata Motors- Sanand –Capacity : 3,90,000 cars / year
¢Peugeot – Sanand – Capacity : 1,65,000 cars / year**
¢Ford- Sanand – Capacity : 2,40,000 cars / year**
¢Maruti Suzuki- Mehsana –Capacity : 2,50,000 cars / year**
All above plants within a radius of 50-130 km from Dr. Dinesh & Ramesh Engineers Pvt. Ltd. factory.
Transport cost associated of less than Rs 1/kg.

Source: ***-TOI, **-Business Standard, * -The Hindu