DRE casting has a permanent mold Aluminium casting capacity of 2000 tons per year.  DRE currently has 2 Sklenor furnaces and 5 Electric holding furnaces.

DRE manufacturers casting through the Gravity Die Casting / Permanent Mold Casting wherein the metal is poured using Earth’s Gravity. DRE produces parts from 0.5 kg to 100 kg without a problem. Very few foundries can design parts larger than 20 kg successfully with high repeatability.

Another process employed at DRE is Tilt Pour Casting process. In order to satisfy the demands of our customers from around the world as well as in the domestic market we use the Tilt Pour technology providing, engineering as well as aesthetic parts. Our machine helps us to significantly improve the quality and speed of casting manufacturing as the functioning of the machine can be customized over several parameters. Final result is better lead times and consistent quality.